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11/01/2019 10:13 am  

We own a flat on the top (7th) floor of an apartment block and regularly pay the service charge which is double that of a single dwelling because this flat was two made into one. Since the new year the lift has not been working. In spite of several emails and attempted phone calls (no one answers), the lift remains inoperable. We seem to have tried everything to no avail.  A neighbour told us that he had spoken to them and they told him they have no money for repairs .

I have a heart problem and my husband has asthma. It is virtually impossible for us to exist here.  My husband has to do a very limited shopping because of the 80 or so steps he has to climb. I am housebound because I just cannot manage the stairs.

 Our flat is also a holiday home for tourists and we have many bookings for the coming year which will have to be cancelled if the company has no intention of fixing the lift.

We desperately need some help to deal with this company. Can anyone help who may have had a similar experience?

Thank you. Dianec


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11/01/2019 10:31 am  

Which is the condominium company Dianec?

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11/01/2019 3:45 pm  

Disgraceful! It needs all of the tennants in that block to get together and present an ultimatum to the landlord.  😡 



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