Street disinfection may not work

COVID-19: “It is not a priority to disinfect streets”

Street disinfection in FunchalThanks to Peter for a link to JN Direct on the mainland reporting that the Portuguese Director-General of Health said yesterday that there is no scientific evidence that disinfection of roads and public spaces are effective against contagion by the new coronavirus.

“For COVID-19 disease, there is no scientific evidence that [disinfection] is effective and therefore it is not a recommended measure,” said Graças Freitas at the daily press conference at the Ministry of Health, in Lisbon.

For the Director General of health, “it is not a priority to have workers to disinfect streets”, to fight the contagion by the new coronavirus, as has happened in some municipalities, because there is no certainty that has any influence.

“What will stop COVID-19 is that we stay far from each other,” said Graça Freitas.

Several municipalities from the north to the south of the country started cleaning and preventive disinfection work on the roads and public spaces of the respective municipalities several days ago, in an attempt to minimize the risks of contagion from Covid-19. Funchal City Hall started disinfecting the streets a week ago.

3 thoughts on “Street disinfection may not work”

  1. I think it does some good, because it reassures the local population that the authorities are doing something. Surely any improvement in cleanliness must help.

  2. Tip of the day. Please dont bring Home and the media to Work and Dont bring Work home. A friend said he fed up work mates bring home problems to work, then learning to sort things out at home. With to days problems we have to learn to be more considerate and be tolerant.

  3. The virus can only survive for a while on surfaces. If the air & surface is dry and hot the virus will die off very quickly. On shiny surfaces such as an iPhone screen, ATM etc it can survive for longer. On soft clothing it’s survival to e is shorter. So, as the article says, disinfecting streets has little effect especially as the streets are empty – any surface infection will die off naturally. But as Viola says, it looks like the authorities are doing something.


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