Prime Minister: Aim for June

Pandemic peak mid-April

Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister of PortugalYesterday, the Portuguese Prime Minister identified the month of June as the time to take stock of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and to be able to “relaunch” the national economy. “We are going to live until the end of May with many limitations,” he explained.

In a press conference, António Costa stressed that the peak of the pandemic will be in “mid-April”, with the effects to be felt until the end of May. “We have to work with realism in the face of the scenarios that the health authorities describe to us,” he said.
The Prime Minister admitted that the state of emergency that will take effect this weekend will most likely have to be renewed for a longer period. “Let us be frank. It will not be 15 days from now that the reasons for decreeing a state of emergency will disappear,” he confessed.

At Palácio da Ajuda, the Prime Minister stressed that “this is a long-lasting battle” and anticipated three very difficult months.

Vaccine 12-18 months away

Vaccine test tubesThe international edition of the Diario reports that pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur estimated today that a vaccine against the coronavirus in the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic will only be ready to be distributed commercially within a year or a year and a half.

“Our estimate is that it will take at least 12 to 18 months for a vaccine to be available on the market,” said David Loew, executive vice president of Sanofi Pasteur, Efe news agency.

According to David Loew, who spoke to journalists via teleconference together with other officials from pharmaceutical companies, laboratories cannot “sacrifice safety and efficacy requirements” during clinical trials of possible vaccines.

Latest figures

12 dead and 1280 infected in Portugal is the latest tally on COVID-19 cases.

There are 1059 cases awaiting laboratory confirmation.

Remarkably better, for some reason, than neighbouring Spain, with 25,000 cases and more than 1300 fatalities



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  1. Attitudes need to change with COVID-19, by all. Just seen women on the street spitting then spitting again. They no need to spit as it habit they got them self into. They going to be a lot of questing of the future how we live. Things are not going to be the same. If not Covid-19 its going to be the environment and how we live.

  2. Spitting at any time is disgusting but it is also a way of spreading TB! A person with TB coughs and then spits on the ground. The spittle contains turbercules which can then be blown up into the air and breathed in by someone else

  3. If you have timeshare and have banked your weeks, for whatever reason, get you new bookings in asap while there is still availability. We were due out next month but are doubling

  4. As if Germany or England are in a better position!! Get real and stop winging. Madeira has but a few cases and by the way brought over from your own country. Please leave & never return. Madeira will come out fighting and you will still be miserable.

  5. I they don’t come here ANYMORE then there will be no future for an island that relies on tourists! Hopefully they will be able to return safely sooner rather than later, but there will have to be no cases of Covid anywhere before that happens


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