President sends Air Force jet

Falcon collects regional representatives

Falcon jet belonging to the Air ForceFN comments on the President of the Republic of Portugal sending a Falcon jet belonging to the Air Force to pick up the representatives of the Republic of Madeira and the Azores for a meeting in Lisbon on Friday.

The website notes that Madeira has already seen a Falcon visit for the urgent medical transport of patients or for the collection of organs, but they consider using it as an air taxi service is “excessive”. In the era of new technologies and with everyone meeting via skype, just a few days from a state council that went by videoconference, they ask what would be so important to tell Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa personally to Ireneu Barreto and Pedro Catarino? The two are the Regional representatives of the Republic for Madeira and the Azores respectively

“What State secret was transmitted to the point of mobilizing the Falcon, with thousands of euros of added expenses, on top of the contingency of confining the Representative of the Republic to quarantine (when he returns)”?



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