Lisbon flights cut

Just three connections per week – with authorisation

TAP flight leaving FunchalJM reports that TAP  will start connecting Lisbon to Madeira with only three flights a week each way.

The reduction of flights aims to restrict the maximum number of people arriving in Madeira as part of the measures to contain the coronavirus.

And as of today’s flight, passengers, as an essential condition when boarding any flight to Madeira will have to have an ISAÚDE (health authority) document guaranteeing their travel authorization or a document from a hospital that certifies that they are under treatment and can return to Madeira.

Thanks to Maurice for a comment on a previous post updating the situation with BA flights: BA2780/1 Wed 25th should operate as normal. Flights on all other days are cancelled up go April 2nd. So far.

3 thoughts on “Lisbon flights cut”

  1. H All,
    Lets keep Madeira safe. Please everyone stick to the rules, don’t be selfish please always think about others…..we will get through this for sure. Humans are amazing creatures and are capable of fantastic things…play by the rules and we will push this back.
    All the best


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