Hotel exodus

Just 260 tourists remain from 7,500

JM report on a hotel exodusJM report that 260 mostly Portuguese tourists remain in Portugal at the moment, down from 500 at the start of the week, and 7,500 at the start of this month. They comment that “Nobody can dare to predict when, and more importantly, how the post coronavirus will look. What took years to build and decades to consolidate has collapsed”.

Ther are 160 hotel establishments in the archipelago, with just 19 remaining open at the moment, normally just letting their larger suites for visitors under the quarantine regime, including Qta do Lorde, operating specifically for that purpose together with another similar unit in Porto Santo.

Grupo Cardoso has confirmed that they will be process wages this month. The long-established hotel company employs 248 staff, most of whom are understood to be at home, with their two units, the Baia Azul and the Alto Lido, operating with minimum staff and services. Their last guest left on Tuesday, but they are taking reservations for this summer.

Porto Bay, who have seven hotels on the island have closed all units. Four Views, who have a number of hotels have also adopted the same approach (do they own Qta do Lorde nowadays?).

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