COVID-19: 45% of Portuguese are realistic

… and only hope to return to normal life in summer

Street disinfecting - the Portuguese are realistic about measures being takenThanks to Peter for a link to Expresso reporting on a survey undertaken for them and TV channel SIC, which finds that 45% of Portuguese only hope to return to normal life this summer (and 25% do not know how long they will last).

The expectation of the Portuguese regarding the duration of the COVID-19 crisis is mostly in line with the Government’s estimates. According to an ISC/ISCTE, 45% think they will have to wait until summer to return to normal life. But those who feel “prepared” to live there under the current restrictions are only 32%. Worse, a quarter of respondents (25%) do not know or do not answer about how long they think they can take it. Seeing themselves in the mirror, the Portuguese globally like what they see: 64% think the population is reacting “in an appropriate way”.

A separate survey shows 77% of Portuguese agree with the State of Emergency

In a separate survey the Diario reports that more than two-thirds of Portuguese people agree with the declaration of a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consider the Government’s measures to deal with the situation to be good or reasonable, according to a study by Eurosondagem.

In the survey for Porto Canal, 77.2% of respondents said they agreed with the declaration of the state of emergency, against 5.2% who disagree and 17.6% who have doubts or do not know how to answer.

As for the Government’s measures to combat the new coronavirus pandemic, 48% consider it to be good and 24.8% reasonable, while 10% think it is bad and 17.2% have doubts or did not answer.

Regarding the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the economy and employment, the overwhelming majority of respondents (80%) have no doubt that it will be very large (69%) or large (11%). At this point, 7.2% of respondents consider that the impact will not be very large and 12.8% have doubts or do not know or want to answer.

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