Compulsory quarantine

Non-residents to be sent to Quinta do Lorde for 14 days

The Diario reports the decision of the Regional Government to force all people arriving in Madeira to be quarantined is being applied, today, based on one of the points of the resolution of the Council of Ministers that was announced yesterday by Prime Minister António Costa. In point 6 of the resolution, “mandatory isolation, even at home, from all citizens under active surveillance by health authorities, is determined, under penalty of the crime of disobedience”.

In the Region, the competent authority is IASaúde, which can determine that all people who arrive at the airport, as they come from regions with an active spread of the virus, as is the case of mainland Portugal, must be on surveillance.

Today, an arrival control operation was already set up. In the case of people who are not resident in the Region, they will be sent to the Quinta do Lorde resort, in Caniçal, where they will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

With the air traffic decreasing at Madeira International Airport, today will see 11 arrivals and 16 departures that are officially scheduled. In between, there may be some repatriation flights for the very few tourists who still remain in the Region.

If they materialise as planned, ten of these movements to and from Madeira are air connections with Lisbon. The remaining are flights to European countries, mainly the UK. On Friday’s schedule (still) there is the usual daily connection of Transavia with origin in Paris and stopover in Porto. That it should already be in the air on the way to Madeira, and it isn’t showing as departed.

The first movement to land today in Santa Cruz was a TAP plane from Lisbon. He landed after 9:00 am. An hour later the first international flight landed, flying from Germany. At this time there are two other planes en route to Madeira, both from the United Kingdom.

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  1. We are due out for 17 days in June, I don’t fancy being stuck inside for 14 of them. BA are still flying so if we don’t fly we lose our money, if we do we get locked up. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  2. We are due out at the end of August and have a Time Share. We confirmed our booking ages ago and booked our flights. Having contacted Pestana, they are being very generous and will allow us to ‘bank’ our weeks to to use at alter date if required and we only have to give them 48 hours notice. easyJet have also contacted us and will allow us to rebook our flights at a later date if needed without charge. This means we do not have to make any hasty decision and can leave it until a week before we are due to fly. Both the airport parking and car hire companies can be cancelled with 24 hour notice with full refund. A great weight of our minds as we know that whatever happens we will not loose money and will definitely being visiting Madeira, if not as hoped in August, then at some later date,

  3. Madeira could be the first place on earth to find an effective cure for COVID 19. If there is a Krohmayer machine in any of the hospitals, I know how to use it to neutralise any virus. We developed the technique (called the Knott technique) in my South Wales laboratory some years ago, before I retired to Madeira. You can find quite a few videos on Youtube describing this intervention, which was widely and successfully used prior to the discovery of antibiotics. A recent peer-review published study by an author from Harvard in 1917 confirmed the efficacy of this new form of medication. Why haven’t the pharmaceutical companies developed it? Because they cannot make a profit from its application. However, a few days ago a Chinese firm also applied it successfully. The intervention takes about ten minutes and is virtually costless, but a Krohmayer machine is needed to apply it. I expect there are still a few in the hospitals here on the island. Or I could import mine from the UK.

    • Sorry, I meant 2017, not 1917! The reference is “Ultraviolet blood irradiation. Is it time to remember “the cure that time forgot”?”, Ximing Wu, Xiaoqing Hu, and Michael Hamblin (Dept of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School), J Photochem Photobiol.B. 2016 April, 157: 89-96.


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