27 arrests for violating State of Emergency

Failure to self-isolate included

Police check during state of emergencyThe national edition of the Diario reports that Portuguese Minister of Home Affairs announced today that between 00:00 on Sunday and 20:00 today, 27 arrests were registered across the country for “violation of the rules” of the state of emergency enacted due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease.

“Until 8:00 pm today, 27 arrests were recorded for violations of the defined rules or for personal isolation or for the repeated failure to comply with the recommendations made by the security forces,” said Eduardo Cabrita.

The government official was speaking to journalists during a press conference at the end of the second meeting of the State of Emergency Monitoring Structure, where he added that 274 commercial establishments were also closed “for violating the obligation to suspend activity”.

The Minister of Home Affairs stressed that the security forces have verified the practice of a set of behaviours that are “absolutely unacceptable”.

“Physical activities, walking, which are encouraged, must be done in the area of ​​residence. That is, there is absolutely no reason to travel by car to areas for practising walking, especially when this happens in areas where a large number of people can easily be concentrated ”, warned Eduardo Cabrita.

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