TAP prices not “cheap”

Madeiran Government insists on criticism of TAP prices

TAP plane - their prices are not considered cheapTV station RTP Madeira report that Miguel Albuquerque, the President of Madeira and leader of the PSD political party on the island, said yesterday that only those who do not live in the region can consider the prices charged by TAP “cheap”, reacting to statements by the Minister of Infrastructure in a parliamentary hearing.

Infrastructure and Housing Minister Pedro Nuno Santos said on Monday that if TAP were completely private, “as the PSD wanted”, passengers would have to pay TAP whatever prices the company wanted. “There is no doubt that if the state were not (shareholders) in TAP, the concern about the cost of tickets to Madeira” would not take place in parliament, as the company would be completely private.

Pedro Nuno Santos was thus responding to a joint parliamentary hearing of the Budget and Finance and Economic, Innovation, Public Works and Housing committees, in the context of the special consideration of the State Budget for 2020 – to the MP of PSD/Madeira Paulo Neves.

Miguel Albuquerque reacted to these statements yesterday, saying that “if the minister thinks that a price of €600 is cheap, I would like him to explain to me what is expensive”. “I think (the minister) does not have to come to Madeira, has no family in Madeira, or reside in Madeira,” he said, speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the rehabilitation works of the Santa Clara Convent in Funchal.

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