Merger of two forces …

… will put more police on the streets

Correio da Manhã front page repoting on merger of two police forces“Merger of PSP and GNR puts more police on the street,” reports Correio da Manhã. The project is advancing this year and it is promised to hire another ten thousand agents.

The administrative and logistics services will be shared, said Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Affairs for the Portuguese Government, who announced yesterday the recruitment of 10,000 additional staff for the security forces by 2023

15,000 unemployed

On the ‘Memory Channel’ this Thursday, January 16, the Diario went back 24 years.

In 1996, the newspaper reported that the region had just over 5,000 unemployed and the government expects the numbers not to increase.

A very different reality today, with about 15,000 unemployed in Madeira.

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  1. I thought the GNR and PSP had different roles I.e. PSP were the general police and the GNR more involved in state security. I guess in a country the size of Portugal it makes sense to merge them.


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