Pollution protest

Clube Naval protests over pollution

Pollution at Clube Naval do FunchalThe Diario reports that Clube Naval do Funchal, the sports club located between the Lido and Ajuda, yesterday issued a statement lamenting the lack of action by the authorities and hotel units in solving the “public health problem” created by the recurrent wastewater discharges on the seafront in the Lido area, which manifested itself late Friday afternoon in “a large debris stain polluting the seawater.”

According to the statement, “the dirt covered the whole area of ​​the seafront, passing in front of Clube Naval do Funchal” meaning that “club beach users were prevented from diving in the waters for safety reasons”. Faced with this situation, CNF officials recall that they have already warned “the competent authorities and other Funchal seafront hotels” and state that “despite some efforts and attempts to find a solution to the problem, it still seems to be a struggle that, despite involving a whole community, strongly dependent on tourism, did not motivate any concrete proactive attitude to ‘clean up’ this situation and dignify the Madeira Sea”.

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