One more positive case today

Total now 48

A press conference, by the President of the Government, Miguel Albuquerque earlier today announced that another positive case of COVID-19 in the Region has been confirmed. It means that 48 positive cases for infection with the new coronavirus in Madeira and Porto Santo are ............ more

Local movement further restricted

Albuquerque with flags

Restriction measures will be intensified

JM report that the Madeiran President, Miguel Albuquerque, announced a few moments ago, that the restriction measures will be intensified, specifically the limitation of the movement of people between municipalities.

He asked for yet another sacrifice for all residents to comply with the ............ more

Funchal has half of cases

COVID-19 graphic

Last three cases associated with one family

According to the Diario, Madeira is managing to control the spread of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease. So far most of the confirmed and suspected cases are in the Madeiran capital, with Funchal alone having more than half of those infected, after the three reported in the last ............ more

Quinta do Lorde guests transferred

Quarantined transferred at short notice

RTP Madeira report this afternoon that the Regional Government of Madeira gave the order to transfer all the people who were quarantined at the Quinta do Lorde Resort. The decision took by surprise the approximately 95 guests installed and fulfilling the mandatory quarantine.

As far as RTP Madeira was able to ascertain, it was expected that last night they would undergo the COVID-19 screening test, but it did not happen. This morning they were transferred to the Hotel Vila Galé, in Santa Cruz, which, according to IASAÚDE data, last night already had 143 people staying in quarantine. At this moment, Hotel Vila Galé has more than 240 people staying who are complying with mandatory quarantine.

 ............ more