Water quality questioned in Ponta do Sol

Confusion over water quality after schoolchildren reported ill

Yesterday the Ponta do Sol Municipal Authority took the unusual step of issuing a statement on its website that read

ALERTA À POPULAÇÃO | Consumo de água

“The Ponta do sol City Council has been aware of several cases of malaise reported by those responsible for the schools of Lombada e da Sede.

The population is advised not to drink tap water without boiling it previously.

Ponta do Sol City Council is aware of several cases reported in various municipalities of Madeira , asking residents to take appropriate measures”.

at 6:00pm last night the Journal reported that the vice-president of Ponta do Sol City Council, Sidónio Pestana, had explained that the municipality had contacted Águas e Wastes da Madeira (ARM), the company responsible for water supply, after some cases of unwell children from Escola da Lombada.

In response, ARM ensured that its routine analysis were “within normal parameters”. Later, at 20:50, bearing in mind the public news about possible problems in the quality of the water supplied to the population of Ponta do Sol, ARM sent a statement sent to the Journal’s newsroom, saying that “the quality of the water supplied Ponta do Sol reservoirs (notably Carvalhal, Levada do Poiso, Adegas, Jangão e Lugar de Baixo reservoirs) meet the quality criteria for human consumption, as attested by recent results, and no occurrence that impairs this quality.

The company also points out that “is not responsible for any occurrence or possible contamination that may occur in the distribution network (the responsibility of the City Council) or any particular installation”.

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