Madeira’s environmental policies a “disaster”

Vested interests and “total incompetence”

PAN-Madeira, the party of People, Animals and Nature yesterday issued a statement describing “environmental policies that have been a complete disaster for the Region, through ignorance, the satisfaction of others’ interests or total incompetence”.

According to its spokesman, João Henriques de Freitas, PAN-Madeira “does not revise itself in the support and promotion of fish farming to the will of the population; It is not seen in the destruction of the laurel forest (classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site) for the ridiculous purpose of building a road which, on the other hand, proves to be utterly useless (the controversial road proposed at Ginjas); It is unclear that 27 (!) GNR warnings about illegal logging in Ribeira dos Socorridos have been ignored (for whose benefit we ask?); and it is not seen in the slaughter of troches pigeons (an endemic species of ADR)”.

The communiqué on environmental policies continues, stressing that it “does not see itself in the barbaric and immoral slaughter of the Desertas goats; It is not seen in the approval of hotel buildings which, due to their exaggerated volume (no prizes for guessing which one) are a real attack on the city; there is a lack of investment in renewable alternative energy; has not reviewed  the Madeira Electricity Company monopoly and the legislation that protects it, which prevents consumers from being autonomous in energy matters; and there is no protection in some that for decades have enriched the losses of all others”.

These attitudes, in environmental policies, “are totally against the most basic principles that we defend and that we can never support them”.

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