When will summer arrive?

Another cloudy day forecast

The Diario website today features a headline that translates as “Clouds threaten another wet summer day in Madeira”.

This seems to summarise the persistence of the weather pattern normally associated with June, which will be disappointing visitors expecting better weather in July. The overcast weather is traditionally supposed to make way for sunshine after the feast of São Pedro at the end of last month.

Long-range or even medium-range weather forecasts are rarely accurate for a small (and tall) lump of rock stuck in the middle of the Atlantic, but the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA) currently predicts that the situation will not change too quickly, with even a fair chance of rain tomorrow. UV remains high, as is normal for the time of year, despite the cloud cover:

The BBC seems to agree with IPMA that some cloud will persist for a while:

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  1. Just checked the webcams and whilst there is cloud there is also a lot of sunshine at various points of the island at 08:30 Sunday.


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