Street furniture crackdown continues

Attention turns to Old Town

Following on from action in Rua da Carreira at the back of the newer part of Funchal, reported here yesterday, the Câmara do Funchal authorities continued to enforce rules relating to street furniture, this time turning their attention to the Zona Velha.

The video below, shared by user Manuela Alves Tremura in the Facebook group ‘Occurrences in Madeira’, show unlicensed street furniture being seized by city employees from esplanades in the Old Town.

3 thoughts on “Street furniture crackdown continues”

  1. Wonder what today fun be for the tourists. Eat your pie and drink your coffee before the Câmara do Funchal authorities come and take the table and chair away. You have to be quick lol

  2. Rua Carriera is a nightmare. I’ve started avoiding it because of the constant pestering from waiting staff and made worse by the said furniture…. !

    Might try it again!


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