Residents air fare subsidy reclaim scrapped

Flat rate of €86 will be paid by residents

Change in the mobility allowance model: FN report this afternoon that the Portuguese national parliament today approved a recommendation determining that the residents of Madeira will pay only a fixed €86 (students €65), without being forced to advance the balance of the cost of their trip, as they are now, and subsequently reclaim the difference by queuing for several hours at the post office.
Today, in the national parliament, “there was a consensus of the political forces and a great step was taken”, says FN. The overall final vote of the initiative comes in the last plenary session of the current legislature scheduled for July 19

1 thought on “Residents air fare subsidy reclaim scrapped”

  1. Sounds great until you realise that it will almost certainly mean Easyjet pull out since they are not willing to provide the government with credit whilst waiting for the reimbursement of the difference which obviously will not be paid before the flights have been made. TAP of course will love it since they probably will now charge the government the maximum fare possible for every flight taken by a resident.

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