Blog traffic continues to grow. App.

Visitor numbers increase again

The latest analytics show viewing figures for the blog reaching a new high over the last year. Stats show a total of 21 million “hits” over the course of the last twelve months, as search engines index the information here, and visitors access the 2.9GB of data going back more than twelve years.
Access numbers are split over the traditional links (12.7 million) and the more recent “secure” https version of the website (8.6 million).

Meanwhile, traffic to the associated website continues to decline slightly as Google begins to penalise automatically copied and translated content.

Madeira News app

The app, which was launched at the beginning of last year, is proving very popular. For those who missed it, it is repeated here, with a link in the sidebar to the app itself.

Madeira News app logoThe app can be added to your tablet or smartphone home screen for immediate access, and pages load more quickly than viewed in a traditional browser. In addition, there is also the “Accelerated Mobile Pages” version of the website that has been available for a year or so. This cuts down on the overheads for mobile devices and makes viewing even more speedy. Full details here.


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