Sixteenth Century Market in Machico

Commemorative market this weekend

The Diario reports that Machico will celebrate its annual Sixteenth Century Market for three days this weekend, an event which promises to be a busy affair. It starts on Friday and normally attracts a good attendance.

This program, which will be in its 14th edition, became part of Madeira’s tourist animation calendar, commemorating the arrival of the discoverers of the island in Machico, at the time of the 600th anniversary of the discovery of Madeira. The Regional Government has almost doubled the financial contribution it makes to the event to €21,000.

This year it has the theme “The Desembarque” which sees the participation of 47 groups that will animate the centre of the town, having as a visible reference a stage in the shape of a caravel installed in the main square. It commemorates the landing of the navigators Tristão Vaz Teixeira and Gonçalves Zarco in Machico bay, followed by the cortege of the navigators, which includes 1,300 extras with costumes of the time, on Saturday, is one of the highlights of the program.

On Sunday a pyromusical show, “À Luz das Caravelas”, a project by the company Macedos Pirotecnia, will be held, as well as a fireworks theatre with the theme “O Festim”.

During the three days of the program there will be horseback riding tournaments and equestrian walks, together with the usual market stalls.


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