“Difficult to believe that this place is in Europe”

New YouTube video highlights Madeira

The Diario highlights an an English couple, Jmayel and Sacha, who have been living in Porto on the mainland for two years.

The young couple have a vlog channel on YouTube titled: ‘Eight Miles from Home‘, where they shares their life as a ‘vegan’ couple who live outside their country and love to travel.

In the passage through Madeira, the couple shows themselves dazzled by the breathtaking landscapes of the island. They say they had seen many pictures of the Region, but that being here it is “difficult to believe that this place is in Europe”.

First Impressions 🔹 Madeira is a place that we’ve seen in hundreds of photos. But when you see it with your own eyes. You won’t believe this place is in Europe. The views are mind blowing. Every angle seems to have a spectacular mountain, cliff face or sea view that takes your breath away. It’s safe to say that we absolutely LOVED Madeira Island. This video is a mini montage of our first day travelling as a family across the north of Madeira island.

We took our 2 year old toddler Story Ember and J’s 70 year old mum and set off to Achadas Da Cruz on the western side of the island. We rode a wobbly cable car in gale forced winds down to the otherwise unreachable walking trails located in the municipality of Porto Moniz. It cost 3 Euros per adult for a return ticket on the little cable car and Story really enjoyed it. Phwah Phwah didn’t enjoy it as much as she’s afraid of heights 😀 The views that we experienced down there were out of this world. We think it would be impossible to take a bad photograph in such a fantastic location. If it wasn’t for the extremely strong winds we would have walked for ages. It’s definitely worth seeing Achadas Da Cruz on your trip around Madeira.

Next was the beautiful town of São Vicente. We spotted a little kiddy park and decided to take Story for a little playground fun. But she wasn’t the only one enjoying herself! It was probably the most beautiful park in the world, surrounded by epic mountains and dramatic light, a little chapel on the hill in the distance and the sea a stones through away. We went to see the amazing Ribeira Da Janela, a large sharp rock formation jutting out of the sea and took in the dramatic sights of the rough waves and stunning cliffs sliding straight into the water.

We finished the day at our holiday home in Ponta Delgada opposite Igreja Bom Jesus and talked about of first impressions of the fantastic Madeira Island.

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