Pollution at Praia do ​​Gorgulho

Planners fall out with City Authorities

Aeriel view of Praia do Gorgulho and the Lido The Journal reports that the Regional Directorate for Spatial Planning and Environment is concerned about the wastewater discharges in the bathing area at Praia do ​​Gorgulho, and has reported the issue (forgive the pun!) to the Câmara Municipal do Funchal, by means of a letter sent yesterday to the Mayor of the municipality.
The regional director, Paula Menezes, is concerned that the problem persists at Praia do ​​Gorgulho,”with serious damages to the environmental quality and injuring public health”.
Menezes emphasises that the Câmara do Funchal has the ability and the duty to solve this type of problem, having to do it quickly due to the approach of the bathing season (Praia do ​​Gorgulho is a very popular location at the height of summer, pictured below), and to solve a problem that “persists and tarnishes the image the city of Funchal and the Autonomous Region of Madeira”.
The popularity of the typical Madeiran pebble beach at Praia do​​ Gorgulho is partly due to it being free to the public.

Praia do Gorgulho busy at the height of summer

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  1. Lack of infrastructure investment for years and years whilst more and more hotels are allowed to be built. This is hardly a new problem but with austerity the policy until very recently where is the money for these public works coming from? Ironically the increased numbers of ALs must be bringing more money to the water company since all charged at higher unit rates than domestic properties. Also what happened to the “tourist tax touted as being introduced last year but still no in force. That could certainly help to pay for these essential works which let’s face it are needed in the tourist zone of the city.

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