Last five years have been the hottest since 1880

Undeniable warming

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to this story. The Washington Post, among others, reports that the earth’s five warmest years, including 2018, have been the past five years.
Five different organisations that track temperatures have all come to this conclusion: 2018 ranked among the five warmest years on record, landing in fourth place. All of them — NOAA ( US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NASA, Berkeley Earth, the United Kingdom’s Hadley Centre and the Japan Meteorological Agency — crunched the numbers using different methods, but they each arrived at the same answer. Confidence in this ranking is, thus, very high.
The past five years have each now ranked among the five warmest on record. According to NASA, 18 of the 19 warmest years have occurred since 2000. The newspaper notes that “the warming of the planet is unambiguous and irrefutable”.
The five research institutions mentioned earlier analyse land and ocean temperatures from all over the planet. While they use different techniques for processing the data, the resulting trends hardly differ. All of them show roughly the same, unmistakable warming signal.

4 thoughts on “Last five years have been the hottest since 1880”

  1. Shame Trump doesn’t understand this! We spoke with a friend in Perth WA and she said it was 37C which is unprecedented at this time of year(coming out of summer into autumn).

  2. Anything NASA comes out with should be taken with a bag of salt…

    I prefer to rely on peer reviewed scientific analysis as opposed to doom mongering headlines
    Anyone remember the manipulation at the University of east anglia?

    There is an agenda at play and that agenda is purely based on taxation. The current yellow vest movement is a direct result of the carbon taxes that Macron et all tried to bring in. Fear is a great tool used primarily to control the unwashed masses

    You only have to look at how the phrase “Global Warming” has morphed into “Climate Change” to fit the narrative
    Plants absolutely love higher concentrations of co2 in the order of 1000+ ppm which is the main reason greenhouse growers use it for accelerated growth.

    Do take a look at this chart if the subject is of interest

    It is like the current war on Diesel, complete stupidity on all counts

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