Government seeks alternatives to Germania

106,000 visitors “lost” after airline collapse

Alternatives to Germania soughtFollowing up on the previous post earlier today, the Journal website is reporting that Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government says “Madeira is already in the field looking for alternatives to Germania”
The German company today filed for bankruptcy and announced the cancellation of all flights, and, as Vice President Paula Cabaço acknowledged, “Suddenly, Madeira loses 106,000 visitors”.
In Santana, on the sidelines of a visit to the local supplier market specialising in exporting Anonas, Miguel Albuquerque agreed that bankruptcy “is a setback for Madeira”, but he added, “bankruptcies of companies occur and we have to be prepared to find alternatives and our agents themselves have to find alternatives “. In this case an alternative to Germania.
In this cycle of bankruptcies and recoveries, the Regional Executive leader gave other examples in which recovery was possible. “At the beginning of last year there was a bankruptcy of Monarch, Air Berlin and Niki Lauda Air and we managed to recover. In the second half of 2018 we almost completely recovered the number of flights to Madeira.
Until now ……….. as recent comments indicate, prices are going up as competition reduces, and the number of visitors is also reducing on the back of this. There also needs to be a solution to the problems at the airport in adverse weather conditions, as advocated here many times previously.

4 thoughts on “Government seeks alternatives to Germania”

  1. Not so simple Pete, there are more doors closing than opening over the last year. Prices will inevitably continue the rise they have shown over the last few months and tourist number will begin to fall.

  2. I Don’t know of a Germany based airline that could pick up Germania’s paths. I doubt Ryanair has the capacity at the moment and Norwegian is struggling financially. Whether Lufthansa could get clearance to run the paths is unknown, plus lack of pilots experienced at CR7 – unless they employ ex-Germania pilots? Going to be a difficult time for German tourists for a while and Germans are great travellers.

  3. Have just looked at the CR7 arrivals board and noticed Eurowings and Condor Flugdienst cover lots of flights from Germany to the island. Possibly one or both can take up the slack?

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