Weather set to improve over weekend.

Temperatures to rise slightly

Weather to improve over weekendContrary to the effects of the polar air mass expected to ‘freeze’ mainland Portugal over the weekend, in Madeira air temperatures are expected to rise slightly in the next few days. This should alleviate a little of the cold, especially at night, that has plagued the region for several days – record lows have so far been recorded in early 2019.
Forecasters expect the weather to improve as the archipelago will remain protected from the air mass with characteristics of Arctic air that hangs over mainland Portugal, which has been transported from the interior of the European continent. This is the air mass that is generating record snowfall across Europe, whilst  Greece has seen temperatures plummets to a record -23C  Latest image below from

In Madeira yesterday (Thursday) the temperatures in the more sheltered areas surpassed the maximum 18 degrees predicted by the Portuguese Weather Institute as the weather began to improve. There is a possibility of rain today, which could also be on the cool side.

Weather to improve as Madeira remains protected from polar air mass

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  1. Poor Greeks not used to such terribly low temperatures! Istanbul under snow too. Quite mild here in London by comparison around 10C at the moment.

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