Between the 4th and 10th of this month a total of 65 road accidents occurred in the region. These were distributed in the following municipalities: Funchal (33), Câmara de Lobos (8), Ribeira Brava (7), Ponta do Sol (3), Calheta (1), Machico Santa Cruz (10). This number of accidents resulted in a total of 4 deaths (2 in Ribeira Brava and 2 in Santa Cruz), 3 serious injuries (1 in Funchal and 2 in Santa Cruz) and 23 slight injuries (14 in Funchal, 3 in Câmara de Lobos, . 2 in Ribeira Brava, 2 in Ponta do Sol and 2 in Santa Cruz
During the same period, the police carried out a number of road inspections, which resulted in 18 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol (12 in Funchal, 1 in Ribeira Brava, 3 in Ponta do Sol, 1 in Santana and 1 in Machico ) and 1 detention for lack of qualification for the exercise of driving (C. de Lobos).