New municipal lights in Santa Cruz

“Revolution” in public lighting in Santa Cruz

The Diario reports that Municipal Council of Santa Cruz will progress with the renovation of a new lighting system of the county, predicting a saving of more than €300,000 per year. Santa Cruz President Filipe Sousa this morning revealed the official presentation of the new plan for the illumination of the municipality, a project that will potentially lead to savings of more than 30 percent of the amount currently paid to the Madeira Electricity Company. This is currently around €1.1 million per year.
The project will be implemented in a phased manner, and at the start, scheduled to take place within the first three months of this year, around €200 thousand will be invested. It was explained that the project will provide a “revolution” in public lighting in the municipality, in a “modern” and “better quality” system, marked by “rationalisation of the quality of public lighting in terms of color, scale and distribution. ” It will also provide “less light pollution”, and one of the goals of the plan is installation of LED technology.


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