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Former girlfriend claims harassment

Former girlfriend claims harassment by RonaldoThe Sun reports that model Jasmine Lennard is filing a bombshell harassment claim against Madeiran-born footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, accusing him of threatening her with revenge porn. The newspaper website carries the story that she is set to claim the football superstar asked how her father would like to see naked snaps of her. The story is reported in Madeira in the Journal, and in more detail in the New York Post here.
The Celebrity Big Brother star insists she repeatedly asked Ronaldo to leave her alone, but claims he did not do so. She alleges that she has evidence that will “damn him”. The 33-year-old claimed to a pal: “I have messages from Ronaldo offering me money to shut up. I told him to f*** off. This is not about his money. I said ‘no’ to being his mistress. Most women would not have said that”. Jasmine dated Ronaldo ten years ago and says she has been in contact with him for the last 18 months.
She has offered to help the lawyers of US model Kathryn Mayorga who claims he raped her nine years ago in Las Vegas. It is a claim that former Manchester United and Real Madrid ace Ronaldo, 33, has vigorously denied.
Jasmine told her friend: “I have spoken to Kathryn’s lawyers for an hour on the phone, and after hearing me out they are extremely keen to sit down with me”. She has instructed her lawyer concerning correspondence with Ronaldo which she claims has “disturbed” her.
As Jasmine was preparing her claim, a report in the US revealed Ronaldo, now playing for Juventus, has spoken to his lawyers in light of her Twitter tirade, which was reported in The Sun yesterday. He says it included “false and defamatory” slurs, and denies any wrongdoing with her.





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