First Brexit, now ‘Dexit?’

AfD mulls prospect of German departure from EU

AfD to promote German departure from EU possiblyThanks to Peter for a link to a German website reporting that Far right party AfD is meeting this weekend to decide whether to champion Germany’s departure from the EU in their campaign for the upcoming European parliamentary elections, at a time when Brexit is already rocking the European boat.
Members of the anti-immigration party are holding a four-day congress to firm up a manifesto for the May 23rd elections, when populists and nationalist groups are expected to make gains across Europe.
If the party’s rank-and-file decides to adopt the “Dexit” plan, Alternative for Germany (AfD) would open another front in its battle against mainstream political classes in Germany as it smashes yet another taboo, after having already openly questioned the country’s atonement culture over World War II.
A move to become Germany’s Dexit party would also bring it back to its roots – the AfD was founded in 2013 on an anti-euro platform, although it has since shifted focus to champion an anti-immigration ideology.
But such a move could yet prove risky in a country that is still largely pro-European, and the AfD itself too is split on the radical proposal to put 2024 as a date to potentially yank Germany out of the EU.
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  1. Its would hit hard like Portugal Madeira Azores with other smaller countries as they have little eu money to pull them self up. In history its larger countries will go into self interest. The fault too many people in politics not getting out their offices and talking to people on the street, The old ties been broken with results what happening today. Changes need to be done from within quickly.

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