Hurricane Leslie “very likely” to hit Madeira.

Hurricane Leslie “very likely” to hit on Saturday.

The Diario website leads with the headline that it is “very likely” that a Hurricane-strength Leslie will hit Madeira and Porto Santo this Saturday. IPMA, the Portuguese weather institute, has issued, for now, orange and yellow warnings for sea agitation, wind and precipitation. Wind gusts above 100 km/h are forecast , with waves of 10 to 12 metres, and heavy rain accompanied by thunder. The image is the latest prediction on for Saturday, 20.00pm.

The Diario have reproduced in full a special statement issued by IPMA late last night:

“IPMA reports that at 9 pm TUC (2200 GMT), the centre of Hurricane Leslie was located 1868 km west-southwest (WSW) on the island of Madeira. Hurricane Leslie is moving east-northeast at 35 km/h, so according to the forecast, it is very probable (70-90% probability) that the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo begin to suffer from 10:00 am (10:00 am) on Saturday (13th). Under these conditions, from the afternoon of Saturday, strong wind is expected from the south quadrant with bursts up to 90 k /h gradually (NW) and in the mountainous regions the wind will be STRONG to VERY STRONG with gusts up to 110 km/h. An increase in sea turbulence is expected, with waves ranging from 5 to 7 metres of significant height and 10 to 12 metres of maximum height of the west quadrant (W). Furthermore, precipitation sometimes STRONG and accompanied by thunder. New communication will be issued at 10:00 AM Madeira Time (TUC + 1) “.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Leslie “very likely” to hit Madeira.”

  1. Whilst Madeira will cop the worst of it, I imagine flights between the Canary islands and Europe could be affected too. Flying through a hurricane in a jet liner is a no-no.

  2. “Clear the deck and batten down the hatches”.

    Anyone with property here I suggest bringing balcony and patio furniture, sun loungers etc indoors or tie down anything loose. If the wind strengths are as IPMA suggest tables chairs and the like will fly.

    Looks like I’ll have to delay the arrival poncha tonight and get to work !

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