Calls to stop shooting of Desertas Islands goats.

PAN-Madeira against eradication of Desertas Islands goats by shooting

Desertas Islands goatThe Diario reports online that animal welfare group PAN-Madeira has met with Manuel Filipe of the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) with the intention of collecting information on the Desertas Islands goats, “and expressed their most vehement repudiation of how they were exterminated on the island of Bugio, and in the form of eradication by random shooting that these animals, adults and babies, are still being subjected to on Deserta Grande”.
In a statement the party said that it had requested a meeting with the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources, which is responsible for IFCN “in order to discuss this issue ….. and end what it considers to be archaic acts committed in total disagreement with the most basic ethical principles and with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals”.
Passing seamen originally left goats and rabbits to breed on the islands to provide fresh food. According to some reports as many as 700 goats have been shot so far on Deserta Grande, but they have not been successfully eradicated.

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  1. In Bugio island, existed goats since XV century. They were there introduced by Infante D. Henrique. The cronist Gomes Eanes da Zurara in ‘Crónica de Guiné’, wrote in 1453, said that Infante D.Henrique throwes some goats in Deserta island!
    We also know that the origin of this goats were from Canary island and the Infants D.Henrique were governor of Lanzarote island of Canary islands!
    These goats were of pre-hispanic origin, surviving individuals from the Spanish colonization of the Canary islands.
    Actually they gone extinct, Madeira government and the Natural Park of Funchal have committed like a genocide to these goats. They simply whipped out a specie from this planet with the excuse that it was to protect the island petrels. They could at least save some individuals and give them to local shepherds in the island or give them to Canary’s government because they were interested in recovering this unique specie of goat.
    Six centuries of evolution in a small and arid island without running water lost!!!


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