Venezuelan crisis impacts on Madeira.

Venezuelan influx stretches Madeiran resources

Both the main newspapers report that figures now show that 6,000 Portuguese and Portuguese descendants have now arrived in Madeira since crisis worsened in Venezuela in 2016. “The last survey, in July, (shows) six thousand people in a situation of great precariousness who arrived in Madeira,” Miguel Albuquerque told press agency Lusa, yesterday.
It is clear that the island is in need of assistance with the cost of accommodating such an influx – Albuquerque said that the costs of integration of migrants and their descendants are not yet finalised, with more expenditure required, for example, with housing expenses – he indicated that there are more than 300 urgent requests in this area alone. Asked by Lusa about the inclusion of the costs of integration in the State Budget for 2019, Albuquerque left the question open, indicating that the Secretary of State for the Communities was a person who has been available for dialogue……..and has helped us because we cannot bear the costs alone.

The New York Times has a good “Opinion” feature here: “The Venezuelan Crisis Is Part of Maduro’s Plan. The president has done very little to solve his country’s collapse. There’s a reason. Economic deprivation helps him stay in power”.


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