New Porto Santo Ferry Commander makes first trip.

Porto Santo Ferry under new command

Porto Santo FerryFollowing up from a previous post the Journal reports that Paulo Araújo Batista conducted his first trip as Commander of the Porto Santo Ferry, the Lobo Marinho this morning. The debut in the new position was marked by a challenging docking in the Port of Porto Santo, since it had to share this space with another cruise ship.
The cruise ship in question is the MS Midnatsol, which today makes a stopover on Porto Santo. The cruise, which arrived this morning with 333 passengers on board, had arrived from Funchal and, this afternoon, around 4.00 pm, departs for Lisbon. Although Porto Santo is not a regular stop for cruise ships, MS Midnatsol (below) has already called there earlier this year in April.
There was no problem in the mooring of Lobo Marinho, with enough space to accommodate both ships and land passengers.

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