Mayor calls for ferry move to Lisbon.

Mayor calls for ferry move to Lisbon all year

Mayor of Funchal, Paulo CafôfoThe Diario reports that at the JS-Madeira (Juventude Socialista Madeira) political congress, the Mayor of Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo, has called for the ferry connection between Madeira and the mainland to operate throughout the year. He is not alone in this, but crucially though, unlike in 2018 when the ferry connected to Portimão  in the Algarve, he want the connection to be with Lisbon. “In terms of passengers, in terms of volume and in terms of a new attractiveness, Lisbon will certainly be a better destination and a better departure as well”.
The president of the Câmara Municipal do Funchal, who has already been selected by PS to take over the presidency of the regional government, if he wins the elections next year, also argued that the mobility allowance for local residents be applied to shipping.


6 thoughts on “Mayor calls for ferry move to Lisbon.”

  1. It’s a vote winner for me but I think it would have to be Caniçal not Funchal as this kind of RoPax service, even with Government subsidy, relies on freight as the “bread and butter” earner, passengers are the “jam” and it would need a substantial area for marshalling freight trucks which the Port of Funchal no longer has.
    Still, as Admin rightly proposes with the Plan B for the airport wind problems, the expansion of PXO airport and a fast ferry shuttle service to Caniçal would require a RoRo terminal at that port so it could have the potential to be a “win-win” situation for Madeira’s transport links.

  2. Why would they block it Maurice? – they’ll be running it lol !!

    Seriously though, if this isn’t just electioneering then, this proposed service would represent a major commitment and require significant expenditure, on terminals and ships in both Lisbon and Madeira, on behalf of different companies working in partnership with the Regional Government.
    You would need E.N.M’s freight to make this work as I doubt the “jam butty” is big enough to share with a competitor. Without them on board the project would be dead in the water ( excuse the puns)

    Regardless of who operates it, let’s hope it happens

  3. Could be Admin, certainly for the initial startup as it appears to already have a RoRo berth used by vehicle carriers, that’s a plus point for the freight. I think Lisbon would be more attractive for the foot passengers but I guess a coach transfer service could be provided as it’s not too far to the city and it would alleviate the problem of passengers walking about a busy cargo port.

    Heard anything about TS Leslie? it’s mid ocean at the moment trying to make it’s mind up which way to go and who’s day to ruin. One forecast has it passing between Azores and Madeira in 12 days time – so it could be mine !!


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