Fanal Vertical Km. 1926 cruise video.

Fanal Vertical Km

Fanal Verticalo Km race

The 6th edition of the “Fanal Vertical Km” will take place on the 9th of September. This act of self-torture is part the Skirunner® National Series (held in Andorra, Spain and Portugal) and the skyrunning calendar of the Camping and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal. The event unfolds in the municipality of Porto Moniz, among truly unique landscapes.
Laurissilva FanalFrom the sea to the mountains, athletes will start at the small village of Ribeira Funda, 78 metres above sea level and will finish the race at 1,078 metres in Fanal, surrounded by the lush Laurissilva forest, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Cruise to Madeira in 1926.
Life on board!

Thanks as usual to Peter for sending in a YouTube link to a video of Cruise to Madeira in 1926 on the  RMS Kenilworth on its way to Africa.

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The app, which was launched a some while ago now, is proving very popular, but for those who missed it, it is repeated here, with a link in the sidebar to the app itself.

Madeira News app logoThe app can be added to your tablet or smartphone home screen for immediate access, and pages load more quickly than viewed in a traditional browser. In addition there is also the “Accelerated Mobile Pages” version of the website that has been available for a year or so, which cuts down on the overheads for mobile devices and makes viewing even more speedy. Full details here.

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  1. There are quite a few videos of Madeira from the 1930’s onwards to be found on YouTube. It’s worth taking a look, It’s interesting seeing the island as it used to look. In this film clip, although very grainy, you see the frente do mar before the Avenida do Mar was built.


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