Ponta do Sol fish farming protest.

Ponta do Sol protest

Ponto do Sol protestThe Diario reports that dozens of protesters gathered at the quay in Ponta do Sol yesterday to attend vigil objecting of fish-farming that the Government wants to implement in the bay immediately offshore. “Aquaculture not !! The sea belongs to all ” reads one of the banners they placed on the wharf. The presence of the protesters led to the maritime authority placing two boats in the bay of Ponta do Sol to monitor any illegal act.
It seems, according to some reports, that the local authority there are at odds with the regional government over this proposal.

PAN Madeira logoMeanwhile the “green” PAN Madeira (Party for Animals & Nature) has joined the dissenting voices objecting to the installation of the aquaculture plots not only on the coast off Ponta do Sol, but also throughout the Region Autonomous of Madeira.
“We have always spoken against livestock and intensive fishing, and aquaculture is no exception. Studies have already stated the environmental consequences and impacts of such infrastructures and farms, such as seabed pollution. The very health of the animals is compromised by the way they are fed and by the high number of fish per cubic metre, and it is often necessary to resort to the use of antibiotics to avoid diseases, and these can be transferred to wild fish, “says a statement recently sent to the media.

Link to public petitionA petition has been started on peticaopublica.com where objectors can register their votes.

Public holiday

Just a quick note for visitors – today is a public holiday in Madeira – the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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  1. I am against farmed fish…. I read an interesting article claiming “farmed smoked salmon has three times as much fat as wild fish and is fattier than pizza!… If I am not mistaken salmon are also a breeding ground for parasitic sea lice. What are we doing to our food and the food-chain…


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