Residents mobility allowance under threat.

Residents mobility allowance under threat

Aeroprto da MadeiraThe Journal reports that after  summer this year, changes that are being prepared to the air mobility allowance which reimburses residents of the archipelago for trips to the Portuguese mainland. There will be less money from central government next year and a number of wide-sweeping changes – locals may  have to wake up at dawn if they want to travel cheaply. Travel eligible for subsidy will no longer be unlimited per passenger, and the flights covered by the subsidy may be only the first and last flights of the day. The value of the current trip beyond which a resident is refunded is currently €65 for university students and €86 for everybody else, could be changed (up or down), and the ceiling of €400 where you can claim the difference may be lowered. University students could be limited to a maximum of 5, 6 or 7 subsidised trips per year, but claimants will no longer wait two months to have the reimbursement.
The changes, which have been revealed by the Vice-President of the Regional Government are in the “final phase of negotiations” for the revision of the air mobility allowance, which should be agreed in April between the Regional Government and the Government of the Republic.

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