Café do Teatro

Café do Teatro

Café do Teatro existing seatingFN report that the businessmen owning the Café do Teatro on Avenida Arriaga in the heart of  Funchal opposite the Municipal Gardens are exploring the possibility of extending the cafe area outside the building in future. They have already asked Funchal City Hall to enlarge the area further into the esplanade and the authority is preparing to decide on the license. There has certainly been some serious reinvestment in this area of the city centre recently.

Café do Teatro area planned for expansionPresumably the enlarged area would be immediately west of the existing facility, in front of the theatre itself?

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  1. Just hope they have improved their cleaning regime! I called in Jan ’18 and it was absolutely appalling, so good they have updated it but definitely want a much more vigorous cleaning regime.

  2. Lots going on there, including the digging of large holes in the stone pavement in front, as following in the Ritzcam. I hope they don’t extend in front of the Balthazar Dias, though … it would ruin the theatre’s frontage, imho 😱

  3. The Cafe do theatro is operated as an openair disco on weekends. The noise annoyance lasts until 5 o’clock in the morning and is unbearable. Should the expansion plans include the operation of the disco, this would result in a further deterioration of the quality of life in this area of ​​the city.
    Every extension of the café into the pedestrian area (except perhaps by sunshades ) will be a massive intervention in the look of the entire complex of buildings.

    • how on earth is that allowed? So staying at the Hotel Madeira must be hell on a weekend.
      Stayed at the Casino Park and the disco from the casino is horrendous.

      Who wants to spoil such a lovely island.

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