Pestana Charity Event

Charity Book Fair in aid of vulnerable local children

Pestana have requested that we publicise one of their  charity events to be held early next month – 7th April – at the Pestana Village. This Book Fair is part of their “Sunshine Project”, and will be attended by local artists, including botanical artist Angie Gray, a friend who has featured on the blog on many occasions. In addition there will be a guided tour of the sub-tropical gardens for those interested.

Pestana Charity

3 thoughts on “Pestana Charity Event”

  1. I know that they are a fairly aggressive commercial organisation, as they have to be in this day and age, but I still have had to credit Pestana with their charitable work over a number of years. Well done.

  2. The Village gardens are lovely and the garden team know their stuff. Our base is the Miramar next door, which shares the site with the Village. Pestana is a pretty efficient organisation, in our experience and, yes, does quite a lot of charity things.


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