Ferry deadline delayed again.

Ferry deadline delayed another 40 days.

Pedro ColadoThe vice-president of the Regional Government, Pedro Calado, quoted in the Journal, has said that he is confident that Madeira could have the return of the ferry connection to the continent by summer this year. He also addressed the new request for the postponement of the deadline for the public tender for the ferry operation which was published in the printed edition of the JM yesterday.
Admitting the difficulty in finding interested parties to take over the operation, Pedro Calado was nevertheless confident: “The operation is scheduled to start on June 15, but even if there is a slight delay and if it started June 30, what matters is that during the summer we have the ferry here,” he said.
The newspaper reports that the company potentially interested in the ferry operation has once again submitted a request to postpone the deadline for submitting the proposal. The company alleges bureaucratic and ongoing issues and has requested an extension for at least another 40 days.

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  1. Its a start. But a half hearted service for just the Summer ensures political support is not lost from the enchenched interests as an effective cargo shipping service cannot be established in competition.

  2. Some one said to me once. Their two times in Europe. European time and Madeira time. Madeira time longer springs to mind. This one must be Madeira

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