Tourism promotion. Mariza. Pétanque.

Tourism budget nearly doubled

The Diario reports today that the General Assembly has approved an amended budget for the Associação de Promoção da Madeira – the body responsible for promoting the Madeira Islands overseas. An additional €3.7 million has been injected, nearly doubling the budget to €8.4 million. “This increase in funding for the promotion will allow the implementation of a strategy that simultaneously affirms Madeira’s notoriety, activate the winter markets, reduce seasonality and increase the demand for existing operations,” says the Regional Secretary for the Economy Tourism and Culture (not sure about “notoriety”!). Traditional markets, primarily the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland, will be targeted using on-line and digital platforms. The Scandinavian market is also singled-out, specifically as a winter market. 18% of the budget will go on attracting more Portuguese visitors.

AP Madeira is a non-profit association, founded in August 2004 by the Regional Directorate of Tourism and Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal. It arose from the perceived need to create an entity that, in collaboration with the Regional Department of Tourism, focused exclusively on promoting the Madeira Islands, working with hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies, official agencies and tourist entertainment companies.


Big occasion on Friday night when the hugely popular fado singer performs in Santa Catarina Park overlooking Funchal bay. Probably the best known fado singer after Amália Rodrigues, who died in 1999, Although Mariza is considered a member of the “New Fado” movement she does perform more traditional fado. Great voice! Tickets on sale: * Fnac * Worten * Media Markt * Diário de Noticias da Madeira.

Pétanque arrives in Ajuda

As part of their campaign to keep citizens active, the local authority, Câmara Municipal do Funchal, in partnership with the local TV company, RPT-Madeira, are holding a Pétanque competition on 23rd August (16.00) at Jardim da Ajuda (presumably the event will be staged in the gardens above the Forum shopping centre?)

English Church music concert

The English Church has requested that we publicise the forthcoming concert:

Cartaz Orgão Concert 2015 (2)

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  1. I wish them every success its a pity there is not more honesty on the Island. Our papers say Portugal is one of the worlds most corrupt nations and I am really sorry to see standards in Madeira falling to Tenerife values.

    I am a Timeshare holder at the Regency Palace and we the Timeshare holders have been defrauded and cheated out of our Timeshare ownership by the unlawful actions of Dr Orlando Carvalho, Court Administrator and the two Banks he has chosen to represent and favour. Our Timeshares are registered under Portuguese Law as Period Property Rights protected by European Law. To deny us of our rights is blatant fraud. I had hoped for better standards in Madeira.
    Please ask him to reply to these comments and publish them for all to see. Your new President Miquel Albuquerque is failing in his duty in this matter, sadly, I presume he is a friend of the Camachos.

  2. I have just discovered, after years of wondering, that my uncle (then aged 16) died in Funchal Hospital, Maderia in 1935 after falling ill on board the ship on which he was an apprentice, the Caduceus from Tyneside. I don’t know the exact name of the hospital, there may have been only one at that time. My question is, does anyone know how I would find out what became of his body? Was he buried on Madeira? If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. His name was Ronald Scott Whitelaw. Many thanks Fiona

  3. I also wish them luck, with an increased budget to promote tourism on the Island. Hopefully any newcomers to the Island will not be drawn into the Timeshare market, and will not fall foul of embezzling hands as we did at the Regency Palace .

    In spite of writing to both Dr Orlando Carvalho and FNTC in the IOM, no response from either. Not even any official confirmation that the resort had closed, other than an email from a member of the Timeshare Owners team who gave very vague information.

    As information regarding what is happening following the closure, my only access to information is via these blogs and the madeira newspapers.

    If our timeshares were registered under Portuguese law as Period property rights, does this mean our Contracts were legal, and we should get compensation.?

  4. Fiona, there are both an English Anglican church and a Scottish church in Funchal. If your relative died there in 1935 he would have been buried there and one of the two churches would have a record of this. I’m not involved in either church but some members of:- are and may be able to help.

    Possibly a regular on here may be able to advise you too. Good Luck.

  5. Hmmmm Madeira Regency Palace ! Still have not had a refund despite paying by credit card .. And yes agree there is corruption on this tiny island and our bigger island also !

  6. Shirley, I have also gone down the credit card route, but my claim form only sent a week ago. I will wait several weeks, then contact them again, and if no joy, contact the Ombudsman. Nothing ventured nothing gained. The silence surrounding this whole scenario is deafening.!!

  7. Petanque?
    We spend our winters in Funchal and would be interested if anyone could help with any information on public areas where Pentnque is played or any groups/clubs in the area?

  8. Hi Bill, the remarks regarding the Madeira Regency Palace has nothing to do with Timeshare Touts. Basically the owners of the MRP and other Hotels and cafe’s in Madeira, went into liquidation owing money to Banks and the government in unpaid taxes. As a result the resort has closed and all the people who owned Timeshare have lost their remaining holiday weeks and the staff have lost their jobs.
    As very little information has been forthcoming regarding the closure and loss of holidays/money for the timeshare owners. We have been discussing what is happening on these blogs so everyone involved can see if there is a way forward .

  9. Hello

    We are looking to ship some items back to the UK maybe a pallet or so
    (not a normal parcel!) Has anyone done this before if so would appreciate some details

    Many thanks

  10. Fiona – I hope you can find out about your relative.
    My wife and I visit the English Cemetery on our annual visit specifically to pay respects to someone buried there who was very helpful on our first visit to the Island and whose funeral we were able to attend.
    If your relative is there you can be assured that the cemetery is maintained to the highest standard with great care and is an oasis of calm in a busy city

  11. Fiona, I have contacted Canon John at the British Church and the Honorary British Consul on your behalf and hopefully you will have an answer in the near future. Hopefully it will be a positive one.

  12. Dee, I have used “Bitranlis” on several occasions, mainly from Germany to Madeira, but also from England to Madeira, every time absolutely fine, door to door. Less expensive to send from Germany than using a German company. Goods, palettes go by boat from or to Madeira to Alverca (Lisbon) and then by road. Google “Bitranlis-agentes Transitarios, Lda. Ilha Da Madeira”.

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