Increased dengue risk.

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According to the Diario online tonight the authorities here in Madeira have today admitted that they have observed recent increased activity of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which is responsible for transmitting Dengue Fever. Apparently activity has been monitored as growing since week 22 of 2015 according to the Regional Health Department. In its latest figures it states that in week 31 (commencing 27.07.2015) they recorded the highest peak of activity this year. In week 32 (commencing 03.08.2015) there was a slight decline in activity (down 4.6% on the previous week).

Before people become too alarmed, the statistics reported this year are only one third of the levels recorded at the start of outbreak of 2012, but obviously visitors should take every precaution.

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  1. Word is that the above is scaremongering. I checked the Diario but couldn’t find anything although the Journal has got a report on the matter.

  2. It was reported in the Diario about three days ago. You need a subscription to read it online but the headline is there for a search.
    Not scaremongering but being aware that these mosquitoes are still about and still have the potential to cause problems.
    If people are still happy to go to Tunisia after 38 people, including 30 British, were killed then I’m sure they are not going to be bothered by a few mozzies.

  3. Good news. Apparently a family that runs a number of shops on the island have purchased the Madeira Story and will be reopening it in a couple of months after some renovation works. They will also be dropping the entrance fee from €9 to €5 to make it more attractive to tourists.

    This was reported in the online edition of the Diario.

  4. With regard to the Dengue fever outbreak, my wife and I returned to the UK after two weeks holiday. Unfortunately the day after our return my wife came down with the most painful attack of fever, she had all the symptoms
    Of the Dengue virus. I had to call out our GP to medicate her, unfortunately the doctor hadn’t had any experience of this condition. He came after researching the condition and informed us that there was no immunisation against Dengue fever and no cure, he could only prescribe ibuprofen.

    My heart went out to my dear wife, I had never seen her in such pain before. I do wish we had been more informed before we set out to Madeira
    But the online information is more interested in making a booking, more than details to pre warn of health issues. We are still going ahead with plans to live in Funchal as we love the place and the friendly people.

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