Airport rip-off. Airport strike. Jardim do Mar

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Airport rip-off


If you have ever been asked to hand over your boarding card when buying anything “air-side” at an airport – and I guess everybody has – the Independent today exposes a major rip-off by some retailers. Far from having anything to do with security, this request has everything to do with the outlets being able to reclaim VAT from the tax authorities without passing the benefit on to the customer. Apparently, since the practice was exposed on social media last week there are a growing number of travellers refusing to show their boarding cards at airport stores.

Airport strike

Seguranças aeroportuários em greve no dia 15Still on the subject of airports, Securitas staff at Madeira and Porto Santo airports (as well as Porto on the mainland) have announced a strike next for Saturday (15th), claiming that the company has refused to pay overtime and public holidays from the beginning of the year.
Accourding to Journal de Noticias, the leader of the Union of Workers in Aviation and Airports (SITAVA) said that “the company has not paid holidays or overtime since the beginning of the year and refuses to come to terms with the workers or the unions…. in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement in place”, adding that it had already delivered the notice to strike. Since this coming Saturday is a public holiday in Portugal (Assunção de Nossa Senhora) the strike by around 400 workers from three airports could have a significant impact and, claimed the union leader, might even result in cancelled flights. Press agency Lusa have attempted to clarify the position with Securitas but have been unable to do so.

Jardim do Mar road re-opens

Merchants and popular fear that the recent fire consequences originate falling rocks.

The road that links Estreito da Calheta and Jardim do Mar has been reopened after a fire at the weekend. The Diario, however, reports that there are fears that the fire may have destabilized the hillside and increased the risk of landslides. Locals are calling for alternative access to the seaside village to be considered. Some businesses in the area reported 80% falls in revenue during the road closure.

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  1. I’ve often wondered how most of the shops at UK airports survive. I rarely see anyone buy anything. Think about it, there you are off on a holiday or business trip. Most likely the trip is planned and so you’ll have most of what you will need whilst away. So, why buy anything at the airport? Especially buying currency!!!!!! Rip-offsvill.

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