Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo from Madelena do Mar

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Alan … A view from Madelena do Mar (for some reason reversed).

madeira blog alan madelena reversed


It was in colour when it came, but I thought I would try out some of my clever new blog toys, this time with the old sepia look, and rounded corners. Hope you don’t mind Alan!  

I can’t think of much to chat about today after a quiet weekend, with hardly anybody around in town at night.

I have had a couple of emails this week saying that the blog is getting to be a bit of a long read. One suggestion was that I shorten the stories a bit. With the football league season now finished, that will shorten things generally a couple of times a week. If it wasn’t for the financial crisis and consequences of that, and the elections this year, I think they would be a bit shorter naturally.

Please don’t forget that news articles will now be posted at various times during the day – Check back regularly and keep yourself up to date.

Please use the comments here for general chit-chat, or feel free to ask any questions … someone usually has an answer.

Please send any topical photos or videos to to appear on this blog. Photos they may take a while to appear, depending on the number waiting. Please don’t send copyrighted material.

The headline news & other snippets reviewed here on the blog are mainly from the Diário de Notícias of Madeira.

11 thoughts on “Chit-Chat & Today’s Photo from Madelena do Mar”

  1. Hi Der ,

    Well if im honest i do skip through the blog a bit lately, where as i used to read it all , i think some of the politic stories could be shortened a little.

    Glorious sunshine this morning, but im guessing as soon as i get me shorts on it will cloud over…

  2. Bom dia Der,

    Me, myself, I find the new blog fine…..I’d rather have too much info than not enough….like a decent Newspaper, able to choose what interests me.

    Glorious over Gaula way this morning also Tobi and (as yet) no sign of the creeping cloud……

  3. Hi
    I don’t mind it being longer. I also skip over bits but guess we all have different interests – for me the football section is a no no but I like all the political shinanigins(spelling?) and the snippets from different people and about towns and villages. It makes me feel a bit closer to sunny Madeira when I can picture those places …

  4. Hi
    I do find some bits of the blog a bit long, but it’s easy to pick out the bits I’m most interested in. Like Eiryl, I really enjoy the more local news. Also enjoy reading everyone’s comments – shame more people don’t contribute.

  5. Hi,
    I also just skip over and read the bits that interest me but as everyone will be interested in different things I think it’s just about the right length.

  6. Sorry Vic & Jon, i didnt even get my shorts on today , by the time i went out i had to put my jumper on.
    I think im starting to suffer from SAD, as well as many others on the island.

  7. I think keep it how it is and people can just pick up the parts they are interested in. It sounds like the weather wasn’t the best in some parts there today. Well here in Kent today it has rained for most of it, not a surprise really being the bank holiday, but the weekend was hot and sunny and 26C. Lets hope the weekend wasn’t our summer!

  8. Thanks for the feedback, I will change nothing at present.

    Its funny how the perception is different. If someone went out and brought a newspaper, or tuned on the TV to watch news, they would probably take as long as needed or available to read / watch /absorb.

    Yet because it’s on the internet, then its a bit of a rush job, with an average visit time per person of just over 4 minutes. Or maybe its just there is not enough ‘juicy news’ on Madeira to retain ones interest.

  9. Maybe it’s a “morning” thing…..grab a coffee, check e-mails and scan the blog before heading out etc….?

    I’ll come back later and spend more time blogging, promise.


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