Secret Australian jolly, AIDS sufferers suffer more, Paris to Madeira back on, etc.

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Eiryl … Seixal (“both Seixal and Porto Moniz were the calmest we have ever seen in many years of visiting”).

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 26/1/2009

A ´low profile’ jolly by the regional Secretary of planning and finances to Australia has been discovered, to the embarrassment of the social democrat party. The trip cost €20,000 and lasted 3 weeks. The move was uncovered after people started asking where Ventura Garcês had disappeared to, and the excuse he was ‘off sick’ was wearing a bit thin. The trip was organised to meet Madeirans living in Australia. Government officials here are obliged by law to publish movement of this sort. Sr. Garcês had his ‘holiday’ flight and hotels paid, and got €100 per day spending money as well. We already know that there is no democracy here once the elections are finished, but does this government actually do anything ‘by the book’?

The 378 (Sept 2008) AIDS sufferers on Madeira face a real struggle for survival, as they face discrimination and cannot get work. The pension they get of €204 does not cover their specialist living expenses, although they do get free medication. The Diário interviews a number of sufferers and hears about the problems they face in trying to prolong their lives, and the call for more support. Perhaps Sr. Garcês has some spending money left over from his Australia jolly he might like to donate?

A picture of the giant pot of stew at the Chão da Ribeira weekend festival in Seixal, for the ‘Panelo’, is one of the stories. The stew from the giant cooking pot is served on large cabbage leaves. Saves washing up I suppose.

Transavia is to restart its ‘low cost’ service between Paris and Madeira in April. Headline news maybe, but it’s recycled news if I recall.

That’s is for today’s short blog, but I did take a quick look at every story and there wasn’t much of interest yesterday, so a bit more rest for my ailing back.

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8 thoughts on “Secret Australian jolly, AIDS sufferers suffer more, Paris to Madeira back on, etc.”

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  2. Is this still a horizontal blog? If so I will lie down.
    Keep moving Der, if you can, musn't let the back and stomach muscles atrophy.
    Beer is good.

  3. Der we will have to see if we can get you a free meal from the Blue Elephant. J have met the owners and they are a real nice couple , i guess they have lived in london most their lives, and have a strong london accent, i wish them all the luck in the world , and glad to see an Indian over this side of the island.

    I suffer from the same problem, even had a back operation to free my nerve when i was in my early twenties, but my first year out here it went again, and i spent more than 3000 euros with doctors, and a chiropractor to put it right, so i hope you get it sorted soon Der , as i know how painful it is.

    Free holiday to OZ plus €100 a day to spend , this government take the piss, but i guess they are all like it across the world.

  4. You need to be a councillor here – I'm sure you could have anything you wanted or needed then! Hope you get well soon. If you were ever in doubt about the value of doing this blog, the fact that it was missed so much on Sunday should be a great re-assurance. Keep it going (even if it is horizontally!).


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