Savoy land exchange = -€5m, Top film location?, FCH lunch breaks, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to ???? … one from the archive of a cloud nestled in a valley, but I don’t recall where it was taken or who by.

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 29/1/2009

In today’s top story, Funchal council (CMF) is to complete an exchange of land deal which will net them a paper loss of €5 million. The urbanisation contract between CMF and Savoy SIET will see the exchange of lands with similar building space capacities, but with quite different valuations in Pico das Romeiras and the Savoy location. The reasons are a bit complex and lengthy for translation and inclusion here, but hell it’s just public money anyway!

‘Madeira in the centre of the screen’ : Madeira hasn’t had as much attention from the Portuguese for a long time. This is the opinion of the body of actors, actresses, producers and even the director of the nightly series Flor do Mar (Flower of the Sea) on channel TVI, as stated during the filming of new scenes this week in São Vicente. The view is supported on the basis of the outcome of viewing audiences. “The numbers do not lie” stresses the actor Paula Lobo Antunes, “More than three million viewers,” he added. All are unanimous: Madeira has the potential to be the scene of new television series’, and even film productions. I couldn’t agree more, how about a remake of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil’ to start off then? (you need to translate one word into Portuguese to make this work for you).

Well it must be almost fate that this headline appeared just hours before I was intending to publish my blog report on my ‘visit’ to FCH (Funchal Central Hospital). ‘Emergencies (A & E) without a doctor for 3 hours’. There was not a doctor to be seen in the A & E department at FCH between 1pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday afternoon. The clinical director says the problem of prolonged lunches will continue until the “canteen is ready” after works will start early in the Summer. Patients were complaining, some were screaming. One lady took her son in before 11am with breathing difficulties, and he didn’t get seen properly until 4pm when it turned out he had pneumonia. We can only hope that someone invents sandwiches in the meantime, to see us through to the canteen completion.

Other News :

The area around the Câmara Municipal of Porto Moniz has had a face-lift and some modifications. This included new 11 covered parking spaces and 17 uncovered, but also an increase in the pedestrian area of the town, making it capable of holding public events, and also an upgrade of utility services in the zone. It was opened by president Jardim on Wednesday afternoon. The cost, a mere €890,000, so I hope no one will ever complain about the cost of car parking here again.

The Socialist Party deplore the statements of president Jardim, after he asked the companies of the region to give priority to labour from Madeira. It was, in the words of Gabriel Oliveira, a position of “bad taste, unfortunate and discriminatory.” The head of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of the PS recalls that Madeira is a land of emigrants, and that if the governments of the host countries made identical appeals, the region could not deal with the likely mass return of workers currently employed abroad.

In a week that seems to be revolving around the ups and down of Porto Santo, today’s story tells of the state of the supermarkets … being that the shelves are nearly empty, particularly of fresh foods. “This is worthy of an island of the third world. A clear example that we are overlooked in this corner in the middle of the Atlantic, where the interests are not for the population of Porto Santo.” This is the voice of Ricardo Silva, one of the many people who could not acquire goods he needed in the last few days in the supermarkets on the island. “There is nothing! The shelves are empty,” he said. Doesn’t surprise me in the least, as the Porto Santo Line only gave about 6 months notice of the withdrawal of the ferry, who can be expected to plan alternatives in that time? The ferry will now arrive back a day sooner than planned (today) and so the first crossing should now be tomorrow.

18th April 2010 will see the maiden visit of a cruise ship from the Disney Cruise Line. ‘Disney Magic’ will be the first visitor, with a second ship planned to come in September. The cruises are aimed at entertaining youngsters rather than adults.

In the Portugal cup last night Valdevez, of the second division, drew 1 – 1 with Nacional. Nacional eventually qualified on penalties (1 – 3) meaning they reach the last 4 of the competition for the first time in their history.

This weekends football : Marítimo v Naval and Nacional play Leixões. Both games are on Sunday at 4pm, neither is televised.

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  1. Although the ladies providing food and beverages for the sick and injured during my "horizontal" sojurn in Hospital were hard working and thorough, I would not say the same about the clinical staff that I met.
    They were mainly absent.
    They had the uncanny knack of not being around when needed.
    They were more like actors playing their part than qualified medics.
    They appeared to enjoy lording it over the lower ranks and some of their patients.
    A good shouting at in order to get "their finger out" would have done them no harm.
    I was reminded of the need for an old fashioned seargent major being in charge.
    You can see the same need sometimes in British hospitals.
    Perhaps I was there during an episode of the soap drama!

  2. Hi all im gonna talk about our fav subject, Weather., Lots of snow upstairs today , and more on the way for 2moro, with bad weather forecast for 2moro.
    And Uk is set for another freezing week , with widespread snow from Sunday, Right wheres my sledge……

    Ps Im feeling better….

  3. Hey where is everyone again????
    Look Ders putting his back out to do this blog (literally) and it gets a bit boring without the input from us, so you all must think of something to write, even if its a load of rubbish, its the stupid things that tend to get the most comments….

    See you all 2moro, if anyone gets chance to see the snow i would love some photos, im not going to have time to get up there….


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