Another €145m of debt?, Carnival news, Jardim … the Spanish interpretation, & other snippets

TODAY’S PHOTO : Thanks to Eiryl … sunset from his terrace overlooking Funchal.

If you are wondering why Eiryl’s photos are appearing so often at the moment, it is because they are the only ones I can access from my bedtop computer, the others I won’t be accessing until I am mobile enough to get back in the office, but they are not forgotten I promise. I could do with some more to keep me going until I can back back to normal, which I am now thinking could take longer than I anticipated. Several people have kindly contacted me with advice and experiences. It is sinking in that this is not the short term problem I was anticipating, although I did manage to get a few consecutive hours of sleep last night for the first time in 4 nights, which will go a long way to ensuring my continued sanity (for those that still judge me as being sane that is).

Front Page News : source : Diário de Notícias 27/1/2009

The president of the Portuguese airline TAP had a meeting in the regional parliament that lasted 3 hours. One of the issues raised was the application of airport taxes and the impact on prices, particularly for students and disadvantaged groups, and the TAP president is concerned that the supplements are holding back ticket sales. He was told he should treat Madeira just like any other destination and follow the market rules. Not looking for special favours were you Mr. TAP by any chance? I wonder how often Easyjet get invited in to discuss their problems?

Following investigations into corruption on Madeira that ran until the spring of last year, the Procuradoria Geral of the republic (PGR) (Public Prosecutor?) has said that although there are still investigations running, there is no corruption ‘dossier’ for Madeira. The investigations were into accusations of corruption in public life, and were submitted to Lisbon in 2007 by the socialists (PS-M), and almost nothing has been heard in the past 6 months or more. Some news is expected next month about the continuing investigations. Somehow, perhaps rather cynically, I would  expect any accusations or actions against the regional government to be ‘delayed’ through some excuse, what with 3 elections being held this year n’ all.

A document of around 100 pages is being prepared by the regional government with dozens of proposals for projects to be financed, over and above those approved in the state budget for Madeira for 2009. The package is the basis for a request for a budget supplement to help the economy and people of Madeira, and amounts to €145 million. Depending on the response of the republic, any approved funding will add to Madeira’s debt, and it may mean that bank funding needs to be sought.

Other News :

Next months carnival season will see €345,000 spent in 4 days of celebration, not including the firework display from the leftovers of the new year spectacular. That’s €4,000 more than last year. The main ‘allegoric’ parade will take place on 21st February at 9pm. 7 ‘trupes’ will make up the main element, working around the theme of ‘astronomy’.The final event is the ‘Trapalhão’ parade on 24th February at 4pm. The article outlines the plans for each of the 7 trupes involved in the main parade.

The mainstream Spanish newspaper ‘El Pais’ has run an article about the political situation on Madeira, in which president Jardim is referred to as the ‘presidente eterno’. The author states that under the conditions that Madeira’s politics run “not even the pope would be able to defeat Jardim” and that the PSD here is the leftovers of the Salazar (dictatorship) regime . A christian democrat spokesman is quoted in the article as saying that “the government of Madeira has absolute majority confused with absolute power”. Talking about the relationship between Portugal and Madeira, the article says that “there is no political will to look at Madeira as a part of Portugal”. I think that about sums it all up pretty nicely, and this is an opinion from Spain, not from me – Carlos are you there?

In news that will please many, the Porto Santo Line ferry returns to service on Sunday after it’s refit and 5 year major service.

Cristiano Ronaldo put an end to a dry patch in his scoring record last night, knocking in two goals, and sending his team 3 points clear at the top of the English premier league.


I am still working on my report on my day at the hospital on Sunday, so that should be ready soon. I will say what I really think, so if anyone is going to suggest that I leave Madeira, as an advance warning, I won’t be doing so, so please don’t waste your typing finger. There will also be a rare and shocking sexist comment from me, which again may be a reason not to read it for those who might find it upsetting.

Aside from your valued blog responses (you can reply direct using the form at the bottom of each blog comments page), please send any unreported Madeira news, topical photos, events information, or snippets for the madeira4u blog to – anyone can join in! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Another €145m of debt?, Carnival news, Jardim … the Spanish interpretation, & other snippets”

  1. Hi Der, Hope your feeling better, i have to say though if you are not feeling better , then your only other option might be to see a chiropractor, which will probably mean going to Funchal and lots of money involved, Maybe a bit more rest will bring the inflammation down enough to get you moving about a bit more, but to much rest is not good for the situation either.

    Just want to share this advert with you all , its the new T Mobile ad at liverpool street station, british advertising at its best….


  2. My son wants to drive my little used sports car to Barcelona for six months, then drive it to Madeira via the ro-ro from Lisbon where he intends keeping it.What problems will we face? Can anyone proffer advice re the bureaucracy involved?

  3. Der, if your stay at hospital in Funchal was anything like mine you would have found it a most interesting experience.
    I was awaiting treatment amongst some poor souls who had either fallen off scaffolding or had been involved in a traffic accident.
    In all the place was heaving with sick and injured needing emergency treatment.
    The casualty department had been overwhelmed.
    Despite bits of bone sticking out of their legs and arms, the badly injured awaited treatment quietly and patiently.
    I admired their bravery.
    Over in one corner of the room there were five elderly patients tucked up in bed awaiting collection by their families- they looked not long for this world.
    Suddenly in burst two ladies and their food trolley.
    They carefully lifted up the old people who were barely concious, fed them three courses of food by hand, washed their faces and hands and tucked them back into bed.
    These two ladies ensured if possible everybody in this melee were fed and/or watered including me and I had my first taste of fennel(funchal) tea.
    It had been decided after one of them had been off to check, it would be good for me.
    I was not keen on the taste would not choose to drink it again, however I did perk up no end after drinking it all down.
    If these two ladies were employed in the UK health service I am sure the death rate of the infirm unable to feed themselves would plummet.
    They are a credit to their hospital and Madeira.
    Well done ladies.

  4. Hi Der, I have been looking back at when my back had gone , and a good anti inflammatory is MOMENDOL 200mg , and you also need to take a good pain killer as well.

  5. I am not so chuffed as you with the service Martin, but all will be revealed soon.

    Cheers Tobi, I have prescription drugs but they are knocking me for a six. Is that something you brought over the counter here?

    Anna, there is some information on importing a car on the main website, take a look at the page on DRIVING. Unless it's a very special car I wouldn't recommend importing, especially if you are going to get clobbered for tax … I did it and now wish I hadn't bothered.

  6. Hi Der,
    I really cant remember but i think i did get them from over the counter, Just be very careful with anti inflammatory tablets and make sure you eat plenty before you take them, otherwise you stomache will be knackered next.

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