A mixed bag of goodies

Carrying on from yesterdays Queen Victoria blog theme, the cruise ship ‘The World’ arrived yesterday. It is the first of the 12 cruise ships expected to arrive before Monday nights extravaganza. Big deal … I hear you say?

No, you want more? It was built in the year of 2002 at a cost ............  ...read more

Talking Rubbish?

Source :  Diário de Notícias 28/12/2007

If you have children that go to school here then you will need to be aware that there is a new law governing what weights they can carry to and from school. Clearly for health reasons, and probably not such a bad idea, the limits depend on the cycle / ............  ...read more

Part 2. The sensible blog

A second merry xmas wish to anyone who is sat at their computer tonight.

I looked out over the town this morning at around 10.00 … totally lifeless and totally devoid of sound, I think even the church clock was having the morning off … but hang on, there was the earthshattering sounds of ............  ...read more