Ferry praised. Venezuela. NOS Summer Opening.

Volcan de Tijarafe ferry

Extension of ferry service mooted

The Diario reports that the Portuguese Minister for the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, was in Portimão yesterday for a reception ceremony for the Volcan de Tijarafe ferry, which recently started the weekly connections between Funchal and the Algarve port.
In her speech, the Minister of the Sea emphasised that ............  ...read more

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Red Jacaranda. Venezuela problem. São Vicente.

Poinciana at the Cliff Bay

Red Jacaranda

Red Jacaranda seem to be making a vivid impression around Funchal this year, flowering much later than the more traditional purple Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia). Actually the red version is not a Jacaranda at all, but Poinciana (Delonix regia) trees. Both have delicate, fern-like foliage, but the leaves ............  ...read more

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Lapas Festival. Jazz Festival. Ronaldo strike.

Lapas Festival

Lapas Festival

This weekend sees the XIV edition of the Festa da Lapa, in the picturesque seaside village of Paul do Mar in the parish of Calheta. During the three days of celebrations there are a variety of musical groups and DJs. On Sunday, from 6 pm, the highlight is the “mega rice of limpets”. The full program can be found on the RTP website here.
 ............  ...read more

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Ronaldo to Juventus.

CR7 in €340 million+ move to Juventus

A Bola has the first photo of Cristiano Ronaldo toasting his move to from Real Madrid to Italian Club Juventus. The move was announced yesterday, with the 33 year-old Madeiran on holiday in Greece where he is pictured with club’s president, Andrea Agnelli, at the star’s hotel where the four-year deal worth an estimated £500,000 a week in wages was concluded.
 ............  ...read more

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Fire risk elevated. New hospital. Atlantic Festival highlights.

Fire risk - fire fighting equipment on standby

Fire risk warning

It’s getting to that time of year again!
The Journal reports today that IPMA, the Portuguese Met Office, has placed the municipality of Santa Cruz at a very high risk of fire. They have also classified some areas of the municipalities of Machico, Funchal and Porto Santo as presenting high risk today. On the mainland, 30 municipalities have also been ............  ...read more

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Tax investigation. Taxi ban? “Shithousery”

Miguel Albuquerque

EU investigates Madeira Tax Free Zone again

Thanks to Peter for sending me a link to Reuters, reporting that the European Commission on Friday said it had “opened an in-depth investigation into tax exemptions for companies on the Portuguese island of Madeira, assessing whether they constituted illegal state aid”. Under the programme, established in 1987, Portugal set ............  ...read more

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