Lunar eclipse – first photos

First photos of eclipse from Portugal

Lunar eclipse or "Red Moon" seen from Portugal

For those who were not awake at 5.12am this morning, photos are beginning to emerge of the the Red Moon, as it was eclipsed by the earth. This was the most anticipated phase of the eclipse, which happened over a number of hours. Now you’ll have to wait until at least 2021 (and that’s if you can travel to the other side of the world) to see another like this. More photos on
TV station RTP report that the “magic ball” was seen in Portugal with the naked eye. At the same time as the eclipse there was also a “Super Moon”, making the event an even rarer phenomenon,
The eclipse began at 3.34 pm (Lisbon time), when the moon began to hide in the shadow that the Earth projects in space, beginning to take on a more reddish hue. The Moon was completely eclipsed between 4:41 am and 5:44 am, when it began to gradually emerge from the shadow, ending the eclipse at 6:51 am.

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