Jetstream to visit Madeira

Windy periods possible in coming days

Thanks to Jaime for sending in a couple of advance notices as the Jetstream shows an interest in Madeira, with the associated potential wind problems at the airport. The forecasts have been downgraded a little recently look so maybe not so disruptive – the worst seems to be likely late ............ more

1.5 million seats lost due to airline bankruptcies

Airports authority confirm lost visitors

One of the interesting statistics to come out of the XIII Annual Tourism Conference, organised by the Madeira Delegation of the Order of Economists was provided by Francisco Pita, from ANA Vinci Airports Portugal. In his speech, he said that “in recent years, fourteen European airlines have collapsed, nine of which flew to Madeira, which has led to the loss of 1.5 million airline seats.

However, despite the bankruptcies, the impact of the number of people travelling through Madeira’s International Airport has not been as detrimental as first envisaged.  Eduardo Jesus, the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture said that the encouraging figures are a testimony to the work that ............ more

Ponta do Sol ignored by Funchal

Municipality has lowest purchasing power in Portugal

The mayor of Ponta do Sol, Célia Pessegueiro, has already responded to the fact that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) published that in 2017 the locality was the municipality with the lowest purchasing power of any in Portugal. The socialist mayor says that it is “an inheritance ............ more