Ozone layer is healing

New study shows a reversal of environmental damage

Good to hear from Jaime recently, with a link some good news – not much of that around nowadays! He wonders if all the aircraft groundings will give the scientists a window of opportunity to monitor the environmental effect of reduced high altitude CO2 emissions, though, in reality, years ............  ...read more

“Stop COVID” campaign launched

Fundraising started in Madeira

The Diario reports that the Regional Government of Madeira has launched a campaign to raise support in the context of combating COVID-19.

The initiative, entitled ‘Madeira – Stop COVID’, comes “following the numerous requests from people and entities, which have shown ............  ...read more

Local TV criticised

Representative of the Republic criticises RTP-Madeira

JM reports that the representative of the Republic in the Region has announced that he”deeply regrets that, at a time when the feeling of national unity is of utmost importance, and when the Portuguese need all the information in a timely manner, RTP-Madeira persists in not transmitting ............  ...read more

New guests banned

Prison for any establishment admitting new tourists

The Diario reports that the Government Council, meeting in plenary today, approved a resolution that suspends the admission of new guests in all tourist developments and local accommodation establishments in the Region, as of 00:00 April 3, with the aim of containing the transmission of the infectious ............  ...read more