Porto Santo patients recover well

“Practically symptom-free”

JM reports that the clinical situation of the two infected by COVID-19 in Porto Santo (mother and son ) is evolving favourably and they are now practically symptom-free. The update was given today by the director of the local health centre, Rogério Correia.

The doctor, speaking this morning to Rádio Praia, revealed that the tests carried out on the others in this household were negative, but cautioned that they may still emerge as positive as they may be asymptomatic (they have the disease but don’t have the symptoms).

“That is why it is important that we remain attentive and isolated because that is the only way we will defend ourselves from any case, whether from the contacts of these patients or from any other that the health service has not yet detected”, warned Rogério Correia.

More cases allocated centrally to Madeira

This lunchtime, in Lisbon, the Directorate-General for Health attributed yet another positive case for Madeira. At the moment there are already 51 the number of cases confirmed by DGS for Madeira – at odds with number announced locally.

The DGS counts and attributes to the Autonomous Region of Madeira all confirmed cases of infection by the new coronavirus. If a Madeiran is infected on the continent, this case is attributed to Madeira.

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